Sunday, 4 February 2018

A New Duo Show - June 2018

Domestic Disturbances Two - Meggs Yeo and Anne Bentley

For DDT, Meggs and Anne have collected headlines - news, advertising - anything really, from TV, internet, and newspapers.

Finding humour in headlines is not hard when you hear about 'Checkout Chaos" and " Eateries Serving up Bacteria" or "Pillow Fight Takes a Dark and Dangerous Turn" but  Anne Bentley and Meggs Yeo have taken it one step further by applying their own take on what they've heard and read.

What makes this show even more fun that the resultant art works may not bear any resemblance to what actually happened - and that's got nothing to do with 'fake news'

A waitress is serving bacteria - and nothing else.  Sitting down can kill you - especially if it's an electric chair.  When a pillow fight takes a dangerous turn, blood does fly and, chaos at the checkout, is simply a broken packet of frozen peas.


Opening  5 PM, Saturday  16 June and continuing until 5 PM Sunday 24 June 2018  Refreshments sponsored by Young Henrys

The Shop Gallery
112 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW  2037
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