Thursday, 28 April 2011


- like a bucket of prawns in the sun

- back in blogland in about 2 weeks

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

footpaths after the weekend

After such a long weekend, I wonder what remnants from the nights before I'll see on the Parramatta Road footpath on my way to work.
Sometimes it's simply a couple of beer bottles but last week it looks like margaritas were had:

to find out when the chewing gum landed would need carbon dating

© 2011 Anne Bentley

Saturday, 16 April 2011

One for Collectors - an auction item too tempting

yes, that's right, at an opening bid of US$200 - with the Australian $ at parity, take a deep breath and best you sit down because you can be the proud owner of Marlene Dietrich's Valium bottle - empty, I assume - kind of odd, kind of grubby... but, if it had been Garbo's...
Having said that, Julien's Auctions of entertainment industry stuff is great fun; they have up for sale costumes from Planet of the Apes and previously a pedal car from one of those Omen movies along with rock stuff and movie costume design sketches...
Rather than a used jar and for an opening bid of just $100, I'd rather a Japanese Kimono once owned by Gloria Swanson - it's not even the ownership but the bargain price.  If you are not aware of it, kimonos have become more popular and collectable over the last year or so and they are estimating a top price of $300, which is bargain city and, as most kimonos are way too long for me and only being about an inch taller than GS was... hmmm  Here it is:

BUT! having a tad more around the waist than Ms G Swanson, I would be silly to buy it and it would only have me wishing to have been born with other genes (or a dislike of chocolate & pizza) but I do hope someone buys it and loves wearing it because that's what clothes are for.
I am also giving a bidding miss to hair clippings taken from John F Kennedy by his barber - that's just silly!  Oh, unless you want to extract DNA, create a clone cell, grow some babies and make your fortune...
I looked up some previous sales and there are bargains to be had especially if you like dressing up: