Saturday, 26 February 2011


band:  Hauschka

I can see this starting up down the road in Sydney - as good at these people - well, there's the challenge but in Newtown on Thursday night I saw 3 men, all aged about 18 years busking with a slow Jimi Hendrix feel - lounge Hendrix? they were so good I stopped for sometime.  One of the problems I have with people busking is I never know if I'll see them again and there is usually no other way of listening to their music.
Then again, it's like looking at an art show; there for the time I can see it.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Das Alles wär nie passiert - Annett Louisan

All of this would have never happened (without Prosecco*)

she asked a friend about the whereabouts of her bra he replied that he'd seen her bra for sale on Ebay

You don't need to know German to get the gist of this song story (but it helps - thank you AH for taking me through all the lyrics)  - and isn't Annett a treat!

(*Prosecco is a sweet champagne)