Sunday, 25 November 2007

Evil Gnome Be Gone!

I almost can’t believe it – after 11 years, he is gone! The whole nasty collection of “straighteners and punishers" are done!
The senate is a problem but Howard is gone –even better, looks like he ignored what was going on in his own seat! Maxine for Prime Minister!
Pinch me! Still can’t believe he has gone. Evil gnome, be gone!
After ringing friends & family (both AH & my Mother felt woozy on election morning like before an exam - sweeties!)
We walked up to Newtown square where near 100 people had been watching the tally on a big screen - elation & weirdness. Yes, we still need to be vigilant... No more Howard!!!!!!!!!!! wow. We were about to immigrate - I don't know what I would have done if he'd got back in - I do love it, where I live.
No more Police state? I hope so. A bit of respect back to the people, I hope so.
Oh annnnnnnndddd - Evil Gnome IS GONE!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

"Movies and bad science"

Julie Rigg 15 November 2007 - Movie Time ABC Radio National:
"Scientists have argued in the New York Times that animations like Antz and the upcoming Bee Movie are misleading the kiddies about what it is that ants and bees do -- at least, male ants and bees.
The article points out that these films show an entirely misleading 1:1 sex ratio of male to female. In the real world, it ain't like that at all. Only 0.5 per cent of a colony of, say, 40,000 bees will be male. Their sole job is to dance the mating dance with the queen and try to fertilise her. After which they die. If they fail and make it back to the hive, they're given a few more goes, and after about a week, heaved ceremoniously out of the hive to starve and die anyway. Try making a movie out of that, Jeffrey Katzenberg."

I am reminded of an article written by Maureen Shelly (former chief executive of the Australian Council of Businesswomen)in the press way back in Dec 1999. I was so impressed, I kept the article (and such a slacker Hausfrau that it was still on the pin board!). Her article was titled: Those Wiggles: wacky, wild, and misogynist? She discusses the roles of women in the Wiggles movie or, rather, lack there of. Now the Wiggles men, she notes, are all qualified early development teachers but their female characters are a big purple dinosaur, an annoying know-it-all girl, a comfortable matron and a woman with a fake moustache dressed as a policeman. Meanwhile those little Wiggler men always do the cute or preachy: eat right & be nice about people different from you thing. She also says - and this is good testament to how people don't really look around at messages or simply let it slide - "I only noticed this disparity when my two-year-old daughter, a devoted Wiggles fan, asked me where all the girls were."

How far have we really come?

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Milling around the far out and far fetched

After the luxury of sleeping away some period pain, a refreshing shower, hair out, favorite clothes along with a relaxed smile, I took myself to town and the Mind Body Spirit expo in one of those big halls at Darling Harbour.
After the initial disorientation (didn’t bother with the guide as I didn’t want newsprint hands) I booked in my palm & tarot reading and began a methodical walk through the maze.
Lunch would have been nice – on offer from, I suspect, the contractors that come with the hall hire, were meat pies and turkey sandwiches along with oily looking banana bread slices and little tarts with enough sugar to sweeten my morning tea for a decade. I did spot a sour dough bread thing with asparagus & cottage cheese but considered where the asparagus came from – a can most likely and how soggy & metallic tasting it could be.
I came by a stall with chocolate bars and protein bars. Now, just because it’s a mind body etc fair, doesn’t mean that all consumables are free of uranium mine tailings disguised as flavour…. Well the after taste was pretty horrid. So I did the rounds of goji juice stalls, “No I’ve never tried it…” etc got me free tastings and lots of leaflets for the recycle bin. Vitality juice and a good dose of paracetamol and I spent the next hour docile and amused.
Got a $10 neck and shoulder massage that left me more sore than when I’d arrived but it was nice when the masseuse lifted my hair each side of my neck to get to the skin. Then it was out with the credit card for some wheat metabolism boosting stuff.
The Scientologists tried on their charm but I was so unstressed, I couldn’t see how their ‘stress test’ would do anything but be seen for what it probably is; a thinly disguised form of flattery to get me in. There were the ever flattering ‘face readers’ – there always has to be a good looking older Indian man somewhere smiling at a middle aged woman as he reads her face for more money than I get per hour at my day job. Lots of stall holders had seen the light in various forms and definitely had THE answer. There were lots of tables with pretty polished stones being sold by people in bushy clothes who looked like they didn’t like the commercial side but more the amateur geology side of digging up rock that has taken thousands or even millions of years to be compressed and altered into such pretty colours. I wonder if there is any Amethyst left to collect anymore.
Some of the more entertaining stalls – get this: Tarot-like cards taken from the Christian bible! A big quote from Matthew on the tarp behind the very pushy spruikers for religion with a twist – gosh what will these people think of next! Some of my imbedded dislike of the fundamentalism of Christianity jumped in on me and I couldn’t stand there for more than a second, muttered something about being an atheist and took off.
Still hungry, I finally found some crunchy yummy Omega-3-anti-oxidant-fiber-protein-rich-dehydrated-at-very-low-temperature-to-preserve-vital-Lifeforce crackers made from chia seeds. Best of all the pack I bought was ‘pizza’ flavoured! Oh, and the woman who served me was fun to charm.
I munched on my crackers until my palm moment with ‘Joyce’ (likely her REAL name) – who was pretty good, flattering in the right places yet oddly moralistic where I’ve been feeling a bit immoral lately. Being a bad cat is part of the fun and she quickly changed my immoral wishes to me being a “strongly independent person” blah blah. Eerie it was though – the same cards up as with the wonderful & wise Poppy (who lets me be immoral because she know what it’s really about).
On leaving, I bought some fancy Indian food at another stall to heat up with some basmati rice for our dinner and met one of the pleasant bank tellers from Rozelle (whom I bank with for the day job) at the bus stop and we talked the women’s soccer recently on the telly – Dwayne (that is his real name) said he’d lost interest after the Australians were knocked out of the tournament. It was the only subject I could think of that would last longer than 30 seconds before strained silence. He’s a nice fellow though – had just got his hair cut – number 1 all around except on the very top that makes his already round head take on a pumpkin like appearance.
Oh, and according to my palm, I’ll live to 90!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

A damn good weekend with Rosemary's Baby as a finale

A damn good weekend - this one just gone that included Rosemary's Baby as its finale.
Following a week off from the day job, it was a weekend well spent - no usual stress or depression about the looming Monday. Even better, despite utterly crap weather, was Bracode playing the Sando up the road. We began by dining at Buzz Bar nearby with a bottle of red wine with dinner. At the Sando AH & I hit the beers - the light beer available there is horrid so I opted for Old ( a sweetie version of stout) & AH had Melbourne Bitter ( yukko, I reckon if you've ever had the best bitter beer in the world - Schuldheisz, MB is not nice).
Missed the first band but enjoyed Richie and the Creeps all over again - good grunt folks!
I offered to sit the merch desk till the creeps came along so Bracode could get going - oh der - stoopid me ended up on the desk for all of Bracode's set but I could hear and see just fine and, damn, that was a good gig! I even managed to charm and enjoy the company of the bouncer who stopped the gels doing joints - fair enough, it's too small a space and I so don't want to passive smoke it any more. Bouncer was truly lovely, I thought he was about to hug me - his warm hand on my waist I felt, with reassuring pleasure, lasted for some time.
Then, back to all those lovely gels! We took off home for the rest of the night :-)

Sunday to Petersham for the Cruelty Free Fair at the Town Hall. As I waited for AH (who cycled over) there were some dedicated vegans getting their photos taken. When one person said, "say cheese" the handsome, healthy grey haired man said, "Soy cheese!"
I'm not kidding - it's like such a religion with people and they get really precious - to a point where it seems to be some sort of purist hetero clan and all others are, well, tolerated but subtly excluded.
It was fun to watch - better than TV, I reckon.
We feasted there on Green Gourmet lunch & soy pattie burgers and got some treats (AH fed her shoe addiction with oh so wonderful union non-sweat labour purchases). Heaps of petitions being asked to sign and no politicians to be seen.
My walk home began my sampling of project 2: (My) Parramatta Road Project – a few photos despite the lens flair due to a very bright 2PM Sydney sun.
Dinner was a sometimes Sunday favourite, Nachos with fresh green beans, celery and lashings of avocado mixed with yoghurt. I didn’t forget very tasty cheese and lots of jalapeƱo peppers.
On with the idiot box but this time we ignored station programming and watched one of my recent collection purchases – Roman Polanski’s, Rosemary’s Baby. Forty years ago it was being filmed – its release date 40th anniversary is 2008 – next year. It is such an excellent film and held our attention for its whole length. The casting or Ruth Gordon as the seemingly eccentric (rather than what her character is: truly mad) neighbour is inspired! Not for one moment does this film fall – it is as fresh and brilliantly constructed as it was 40 years ago. A true classic. Watch it if you get the chance.