Monday, 21 July 2008

Blame it on Paracetamol - listening to Paper Lace performing The Night Chicago Died

I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder or neck or thereabouts... had it since Saturday but it was showing signs of creating a fiasco last Thursday now that I really think of it...
means I got stuck in bed on Sunday morning! couldn't get out. I use my mobile as an alarm so I called my partner (now in the kitchen with the radio on) - went straight to answer... so I call our landline continuously... AH doesn't want to talk to anyone and hopes I will answer the phone... I CANT GET UP!!! I did get up with careful and painful manoeuvring
but now it's Monday. I've been squeezed in for an appointment tomorrow with the osteo but I think the paracetamol has had a strange affect - I turned on the computer to check emails and found myself somehow watching Paper Lace doing their hits on Youtube... don't know how it happened. I WAS listening to Dusty Springfield introducing Motown to the UK..
then it happened..............

and... Billy Don't be a Hero

it's like cement garden animals and topiary - not only are they in matching outfits with white carnations, the drummer is the singer and..., I can hardly say it - there's whistling as well!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

No To Pope - a gathering of Pope Go Homo chantings

Vanessa Wagner & Pope Alice came down from above (well, northern NSW & QLD) to host the protest.

Our taxes paid for thousands of catholics to take over Sydney.
Not everyone agrees.
we helped with handing out some of the 6000 condoms donated by Glyde. AH handed to a young catholic girl at Central Station who replied, "No, thank you, I'm a catholic."
AH said, "but what about your boyfriend?"
to that, the young woman said, "oh, thank you." and took 2!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Rozelle Hospital - and then there's the view

Rozelle Hospital Part 3

Rozelle Hospital Part 2

Rozelle Mental Hospital - the end of an era

Since about 1840 there's been a mental institution in Rozelle. Some of the practices included chaining people up in basements.... As nasty as that sounds, the lack of staff and knowledge about how to treat people when they lost the plot kept people at least physically safe.
Now they've set up some new flash place that takes 3 buses to get there from the city (one to Rozelle)with 'state of the art' blah blah and high security.
There's been a lot of debate over what to do with the vast and beautiful area of Rozelle Hospital. Some will go the the Uni with an arts school already in the grounds but there's a lot more than that. I wonder if they will wait for things to die down and then sell to the highest bidder for an exclusive waterfront development... gee, would the government really do that? betcha!

I work in an office some days also situated in the Rozelle grounds and took my pocket digital out for a walk last Thursday lunchtime...

Sunday, 6 July 2008

the ladder to nowhere for noone

Abercrombie street, Chippendale Sydney June 2008

Sunday Stuff

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