Sunday, 21 August 2011

what's cooking then?

Sunday night - dinnertime and avoiding thinking of Monday
Saturday: Hopped trains & buses over West to Fairfield Museum & Gallery to the Loop Group show and a bit of a look at their museum
Once again, the art of Linda Brescia (in the group show, Loop & at Sheffer Gallery as a part of Peter Fay's Showdown) has confirmed my fandom of her work

(photo - cast iron oven door in recreation of kitchen at Fairfield museum)

Monday, 1 August 2011


been really crook with a cold - unlike one I've had for years... haven't had one for years so this one, bedridden since mid-afternoon last Thursday (not kidding - I slept for 16 hours straight) is total crap
I can almost function for a couple of hours without the urge to lie down, lie down anywhere and sleep another few hours... hoping that pain across my back is merely non-movement caused & not some stupid pleurisy (?? nah)
© 2011 Anne Bentley

new arts magazine site

Susie Burge, arts writer & Michael McCorry, gallery director (amongst other things - they are a many hat wearing talented duo) have launched a new collaborative website.
Pop over & have a read, get on the list - even do that facethingybook if you are so inclined.
How handy! I just happen to be organising a group show at Sheffer Gallery
for April next year... (more to come on that)