Monday, 21 June 2010

Last minute addition to the exhibition - poor Hamlet

"Does not thou see?", cried Hamlet - but noone was listening
(Lambda print 47x36cm)
...poor old Hamlet - seemingly unhinged again...this is the latest picture with a little more to it than first meets the eye - yes there could even be a deep double meaning in it (I finished it at around midnight last night) for SANE - opening this Friday night details in the post below.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Counting down

"Animal Farm meets modern politics in quirky collage-style prints." Time Out Sydney
"crisp and engaging" editor Art Monthly Australia
"contemporary art with nerve and humour" Birthe HavmĂžller - editor Feminist Moments
The gallery chap put this open invitation together - if you are around, drop by - it's a nice small space just up the hill from Central Station.  I did a reconnaissance today and found a good walk that doesn't require a pick axe to get up the hill: Elizabeth, right into Foveaux, third on your left into Belmore & right into Albion.  The show is at #105 on the corner of Albion & Waterloo - easy peasy and there will be chocolate.

I hope to see you there - in the meanwhile, I'll be the frazzled looking one wondering how I can fit everything in but I am very happy with the prints - they look a treat - you can check out just about all collages from the SANE series on my website.

Friday, 4 June 2010

A spot of rain

filmed by a local - this is Mallet Street Camperdown - the next street down from where I live
we had a spot of rain today with some warning of flash flooding

a friend of mine used to live in that grey block of flats and I'm glad he moved but what about the brick building - it has a basement carpark - I wonder how full it got
I was in the main streets of Newtown at the time of this flooding - it wasn't the rain coming down that got me wet but the 6 foot walls of water splashing the footpaths from buses & cars

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Esteemed Company: Anne in a group show - Transferring The Image (in Newtown)

Two of my works are to be included in Transferring The Image at Kerrie Lowe Gallery 49-51 King Street Newtown (Sydney) 2042 opening Friday 6-8PM 18th June & extending until 6th July.

Laurie Anderson at the Opera House last night

we sat in the second row
Laurie Anderson live