Monday, 22 September 2008

Somewhere in New Zealand... in a radio station....

I recently bought a Japanese 45 vinyl from a New Zealand online store. It's in pristine condition and I'm very happy with the purchase. When I bought it, I added on another 45, just to even out the postage - Originally released in the UK 11 June 1965, this New Zealand made 45 of Dusty Springfield's, In The Middle Of Nowhere was first played on the radio 7 August 1965 and was stamped each time it was played over the next 20 years with its final date stamp 20 June 1985
I didn't expect this little bit of history to come with the 45 and the record itself, surprisingly, plays quiet well - well with a bit of surface noise but both sides play all the way through - atmospheric, one could say

Here's Dusty Springfield performing said song at a NME (New Music Express) awards concert 1966:

== (seriously short sighted, not wearing contacts & in heels, how on earth did she do it?)


Kristy said...

oh wow.. my inner librarian is thrilled to see all those date stamps!

Anne Bentley said...

I know - isn't it fab!!