Friday, 26 September 2008

Dinner tastes better on a Kathie Winkle plate

In July my parents sent a money note for me to buy a birthday present. I went to a favourite shop in Erskineville: Revolver Records - a fab shop that sells good vinyl records & ephemera plus collectables. In the corner, a set of Broadhurst plates & bowls with the Rushstone design by Kathie Winkle circa 1968. Kathie Winkle began working for the James Broadhurst & Sons Portland Pottery company after leaving Shorter and Son in the early 1950s & was asked day if she could draw. Accounts say she said, "sort of" and, with no formal art design training by 1958 she was producing her own designs. She came up with about 100 different designs from 1958 until the mid 1970s
.... damn, I wonder if there's curtains to match!
Dinner does taste better on a Kathie Winkle design.

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