Sunday, 28 September 2008

Glebe record fair

Zalatnay - cover image - LP found at Glebe record fair Sept 08

Saturday morning - wasted my first 3km walk to Leichhardt - I made an early arrival to the advertised 'record fair' turned out to be 1/2 a hall full of books - records were there in plenty but quality was not there - except for a Siouxsie & the Banshees "Once Upon A Time" - near mint for $5 - the only thing to end up in my backpack. When I headed over to the 45s it was dismal (no original company sleeves & no picture covers...) but worse still, I felt I was in the battle of the stamp collector or, hey, shouldn't these smelly oily men with the rattling breath be looking for cassette tapes or those 8-track cartridge things (I love Wikipedia - thought they were called 6-tracks...)- and they weren't moving for anyone!

right oh, this is crap - I'm off to Glebe - a fun trek through side streets & a little window shopping on the way - 4 km & $3 later & I'm in music-o-rama! Did the rounds, said hi to that handsome guy from Egg Records... Then - oh dreamy score - 3 Australian Dusty EPs - covers excellent & records in great nick plus bargains to boot!
that same yukky man from the Leichhardt fair was there too! I bet he drove over... of course he did, he had to keep leaning heavily on the table he was standing at... looking at 45s... Rats! he got the Patsy Cline... oh sick feeling... what will he be doing while it's on the stereo... hmmm, it does play for at least 2.5 minutes.

I made an escape to the next isle, resisting the urge to flash my near mint Shangri-Las ep... just to hear that snot rattle & the bronchial gasp. This other isle was way interesting - vendors had wonderful mini players and I've got to say that my Hungarian Diva, Zalatnay sounds way better and kitsch-ier on one of those players rather than our flash Yamaha set up at home... but, credit where it's due - it is really good fun (cover pic above) - here's just a hint of the latest fab diva to be carried under our threshold!

here she is in an early clip (you tube rocks!)

is she the Hungarian Dusty? (that's what AH reckons - I reckon more like the Euro Lulu or something - Z is not as gutsy or charismatic as DS) did this fall into my hands for a few bucks by accident? by fate? hmmm... when it comes to pop, who can really say...


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