Saturday, 6 September 2008

vinyl fix

on the way back from a swim at the local university pool (very civilized sans splash pools and nappies), I took the plunge and headed in Goulds Bookshop to check out the vinyl records up the back. this place is huge and you risk your own life squeezing bewteen towering shelves topped with tettering piles of books, books and more books.

Up the back there must be 5000 LPs. trouble is most are in poor condition but that doesn't stop Gould pricing them from $5 to $15 and some look like they won't play at all.

I figured I'd be methodical and go through it section by section. After an intensive 1 & 1/2 hours, I came up with 3 surprises - Suzi Quatro, Peter Gabriel's 1st album in better condition than my well loved copy and a 1980 rare Tommy Stewart and His Orchestra - Circle Records, Atlanta USA - cool jazz.

Then! there it was the first LP from Jefferson Airplane... took the record out & oh dear! I couldn't sell such a hacked record to anyone Plus old gould wanted $14.95 for - think I know which decade of which century he's living in.
I did go back another afternoon & spent 2 more hours there and only managed about one 20th of the collection and gave up after the 10th copy of Phil Collins in the air tonight & if I see one more Mondo Rock album... no to mention all those dreadful 80s pop boy bands... brrrr.

So, this was my venture into vinyl trash and it occured to me all the times I've moved house and how much of a drag it was carting all those LPs in milk crates that they never quite fit in properly. Think I'll stick to 45s - that's the fun stuff and it keeps me from being reported missing, only to be found under a toppled pile of b-grade science fiction books in some obscure corner of Goulds.

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