Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday afternoon playing records

I was going to blog yesterday about little Saturday thoughts like getting dippy in the head (oh, ok, neurotic then) over the women's tennis final - really, really wanting to watch it but oh, it was just too exciting.  Instead I made us a late dinner and popped my head in the room with the telly to catch glimpses of Justin Henin's clever playing against Serena Williams but I really can't put up with either of the Williams sisters, especially Venus's ego carry on and porn film outfits designed, I'm sure, partially to put off their opponents but it's mostly it's ego. As if we can't see her??   As SW won, I'm glad I missed the last set.

One of the best games I've ever seen was a semi-final in New York between Martina & Chrissie - one time when the tennis was rained out, they repeated it (even though it was already a couple of years old) and it was still gripping second time around even knowing who won.  Guess I blathered Saturday today...


Sunday afternoon - it's a bit yuuky-muggy & the fellow next door is drilling next to the wall of the room I am in - he is trying to get his house finished as its completion is now 7wks overdue - makes it a bit iffy to really focus & do good productive work so...
why not play some records!


On top is this favourite - crisp & clear like it was made this week rather than over 30 years ago.

Patti Smith has just released a memoir of her early years with Robert Mapplethorpe & I've just put it on the shopping list. Just Kids

Now, what's next...  a little Nina Hagen me thinks...
But first - hooray for Laurie Anderson, hooray!:

1986 Home of the Brave (check out the 80s hair dos - not Laurie, she is always cool)

I've been having an enjoyable Laurie Anderson fest these last weeks - listening to all the music of her I have, (and that's a lot if not all...) along with reading her Stories from the Nerve Bible. Very cool, clever and funny - laugh aloud funny at that..

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Holy stairs

Now I'm absolved (1 Jan 2010 -St Johns, Newtown NSW Australia)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

shells of their former selves

They all once housed living creatures... (Sunday walk 24 Jan 2010 Camperdown Cicada shell & Sydney University Darlington Campus)

It doesn't matter how long you've lived with someone, if it's working there is always something new to find out about 'the other'.  I showed AH the cicada shell photos who replied with an eeuww & when I asked, don't you like cicadas? she replied that she doesn't particularly like them!
Gosh, said I. Really?
ah huh.
But they are so ancient and gentle and have little sticky legs that tickle & hook onto your finger... (- her face told me that I'm not winning the cicada cause)
It does explain why I'm the one who has to rescue them out of the house.
She admitted they are "quite fascinating"

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Go all the way, I dare you

Your challenge - watch AND LISTEN to this clip in its entirety - isn't that use of synth catchy!   This is exciting - who is the choreographer? (and why weren't they shot)
That's Tommy Seebach on keyboard - A Pop Legend in Denmark it has been said (but noone is owning up to who said it)

Monday, 18 January 2010

Check you later Rowland S Howard - thanks for "Shivers"

When I read about people who die of cancer or other drawn out terminal diseases others say, he/she was serene, s/he accepted their fate are philosophical even... but Rowland Howard who wrote one of my all time favourite songs (Shivers) wasn't ready yet according to Mick Harvey (fellow Birthday Party member) - Rowland S Howard wanted to live.  but his liver didn't let him.  Bugger that, hey.

A rather harsh sounding version was the original 1978 version by his first well known band, The Young Charlatans and then there's the very smooth Nick with The Boys Next Door in '79 with some lovely guitar work from Roland but the best version of the song for me is Marie Hoy (and friends) performing it on the Dogs in Space soundtrack 1986:

(This was so utterly cool, I bought the record just for this one track (sadly the "White" cover LP - with the band Marie Hoy was a part of - Thrush & the Cunts censored - I wonder how much the "Black" cover LP is worth! I'm yet to see one)  but Iggy doing Endless Sea is pretty neat too)
Of course there's 30 years of guitar playing, song writing & performing - lots of excellent songs and he made a difference and by writing that one song that enriched my life -  cheers Rowland S Howard, check you later.

Shivers - the smooth blokes version:

Rowland S Howard 24 October 1959 – 30 December 2009

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day trip to Manly - photo mag moment

Yesterday AH & I went for the best ferry ride to be found in Sydney: Circular Quay to Manly.

Manly - from one of the docks.

From the ferry on the way back to Circular Quay - if you keep sailing toward the horizon you will eventually hit New Zealand
The sailboat on the left had a bit of strife & blocked the path of the ferry we were on.  Ferry staff had to stop & sound the horn.

seagulls worked hard to keep up with the ferrry so they could snatch food from these young men's hands.  The gulls  also caught  thrown grapes in their beak against a strong breeze - we were impressed.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just now

on a short round trip walk to pick up the mail & some bananas (along with a loaf of that scrumptious apricot bread for toast)
as follows:

1. Waiting to cross at the traffic lights

2. Texting in front of The Hub (out of shot is 1/2 doz youngers with their clipboards taking a break from hassling people for charity & over a bit further out of shot some folks that looked as though they were waiting for their AA or NA meeting at the Newtown Community Centre)

3. Home again - looking out the side door to see if the stray who came to stay is here yet - snuck this shot through the grotty mesh of the door  - the bright bit is part of the little verandah - it's very sunny out there
He's called Boyfriend because he loved our now deceased elderly cat & would call to her through the window.  Being wild, he learnt to eat what he could when he can but now he has a yard to live in and daily food he still continues to do so around the neighbourhood & is a right fatty and a very nice natured animal.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Ready for the new year - Notice board, Sydney University Grounds 3 January 2010

Saturday, 2 January 2010

free to a good home - well, free to any home -

Free stuff put out in the back lane, (Newtown 28 Dec 2009.)
The owners couldn't quite bring themselves to putting it in the bin to rot, so they put it in the laneway where it will rot.

happy new year