Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday afternoon playing records

I was going to blog yesterday about little Saturday thoughts like getting dippy in the head (oh, ok, neurotic then) over the women's tennis final - really, really wanting to watch it but oh, it was just too exciting.  Instead I made us a late dinner and popped my head in the room with the telly to catch glimpses of Justin Henin's clever playing against Serena Williams but I really can't put up with either of the Williams sisters, especially Venus's ego carry on and porn film outfits designed, I'm sure, partially to put off their opponents but it's mostly it's ego. As if we can't see her??   As SW won, I'm glad I missed the last set.

One of the best games I've ever seen was a semi-final in New York between Martina & Chrissie - one time when the tennis was rained out, they repeated it (even though it was already a couple of years old) and it was still gripping second time around even knowing who won.  Guess I blathered Saturday today...


Sunday afternoon - it's a bit yuuky-muggy & the fellow next door is drilling next to the wall of the room I am in - he is trying to get his house finished as its completion is now 7wks overdue - makes it a bit iffy to really focus & do good productive work so...
why not play some records!


On top is this favourite - crisp & clear like it was made this week rather than over 30 years ago.

Patti Smith has just released a memoir of her early years with Robert Mapplethorpe & I've just put it on the shopping list. Just Kids

Now, what's next...  a little Nina Hagen me thinks...
But first - hooray for Laurie Anderson, hooray!:

1986 Home of the Brave (check out the 80s hair dos - not Laurie, she is always cool)

I've been having an enjoyable Laurie Anderson fest these last weeks - listening to all the music of her I have, (and that's a lot if not all...) along with reading her Stories from the Nerve Bible. Very cool, clever and funny - laugh aloud funny at that..

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