Monday, 18 January 2010

Check you later Rowland S Howard - thanks for "Shivers"

When I read about people who die of cancer or other drawn out terminal diseases others say, he/she was serene, s/he accepted their fate are philosophical even... but Rowland Howard who wrote one of my all time favourite songs (Shivers) wasn't ready yet according to Mick Harvey (fellow Birthday Party member) - Rowland S Howard wanted to live.  but his liver didn't let him.  Bugger that, hey.

A rather harsh sounding version was the original 1978 version by his first well known band, The Young Charlatans and then there's the very smooth Nick with The Boys Next Door in '79 with some lovely guitar work from Roland but the best version of the song for me is Marie Hoy (and friends) performing it on the Dogs in Space soundtrack 1986:

(This was so utterly cool, I bought the record just for this one track (sadly the "White" cover LP - with the band Marie Hoy was a part of - Thrush & the Cunts censored - I wonder how much the "Black" cover LP is worth! I'm yet to see one)  but Iggy doing Endless Sea is pretty neat too)
Of course there's 30 years of guitar playing, song writing & performing - lots of excellent songs and he made a difference and by writing that one song that enriched my life -  cheers Rowland S Howard, check you later.

Shivers - the smooth blokes version:

Rowland S Howard 24 October 1959 – 30 December 2009

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