Monday, 27 February 2012

Group exhibition - Jehanne's Alchemists

I've been working away in the background as curator for a group show coming up at Sheffer Gallery - 38 Lander Street Darlington (just behind Sydney Uni) from 19-29 April.
I have begun a blog to do with it and will feature work by the artists involved leading up to opening day (Saturday 21 April 2012) - and then some.

Eight artists were given the 1971 Thomas Keneally* novel, A Dutiful Daughter to read and get their ideas from.
I've called it Jehanne's Alchemists as I explain by definition: 
Jehanne: the spelling by which Joan of Arc signed her name according to Barbara Glover of Campbell’s Reach (A Dutiful Daughter).
Alchemy: a process by which paradoxical results are achieved or incompatible elements combined with no obvious rational explanation.
I also wanted an early 1970s feeling, hence using "Alchemist" and making the blog lime green.

This is my first curatorial task in the arts, if you exclude organizing my own solo shows, and being privy to the art that will be on show is the best part of it.
I hope it's as much fun for you as it is for me.

images above are all copyright 2012 the artists - clockwise from left:
How could they fruitfully relate by Linda Brescia  
Mrs Glover will be here in a moment (detail) by Anne Bentley
Ciggie  by Megan Yeo

*Many thanks to Thomas Keneally for giving his OK to use the book for the exhibition.

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