Saturday, 1 May 2010

archeological find - Hey! what's for dinner?

definitely not potatoes

I've been cleaning up
oh, I KNOW! I'm not studying so there is no essay due but I was still cleaning... with no other deadline (well, maybe a bloody press release hanging over my head)- mostly I was saving all my books from the invasion of neighbouring renovator's dust & it took ages because I had to look at all my lovely books too..
This little treat was all alone, legs in the air... and I'm not sure how it got where it was.  There were some odd little bugs appearing now and then and the flesh turned into a fine sand, so now it's hollow.
I'm contemplating putting it in a setting with some other objects for a lovely home still life photo... well, no life now, hey?

here are some (only some, there's another bookcase in the next room) of the dusted & tided books that were near found potato - lovely


Anonymous said...

eeewwwww gross, but great shot! now back to that press release or who knows what you'll find next.
miggs xo

Anne Bentley said...

ha! I may find that shadow of myself I became or lost...