Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I really thought it was Monday

that's what long weekends and going to the cinema on Monday afternoon will do to a person's head. 
I thought I might try a different lotto ticket, one that is drawn on Tuesdays.  "Oh," I thought today as I walked up the main road, "I can get that tomorrow"
no you can't. tomorrow is Wednesday.
I was going to write and post a long blog about how we are attending the German Film Festival (hence the going to the cinema in the daytime) but I visited a good friend for a cuppa & it went into cup 3, as it would when the conversation is so interesting - good thing I remembered it was Tuesday and looked in my diary.
So, instead of images, links and a youtube clip, here's another Still Life at Midnight shot from a little series I'm doing:

la la ladels at midnight

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