Monday, 12 April 2010

the new plastic surgery

I had a dream last night that you could change your appearence by using the clone tool in Photoshop - or any other computer program that does the same thing.
In my dream I had images of a profile & drew in a big nose - like Nicole Kidman's over-done prosthetic nose playing Virginia Woolf in The Hours (I am yet to get the nerve to watch this film due to all the carryon about her being 'brave' & a 'fabulous actor' to take on a role that made her 'look plain' - kind of detracts from the exceptional mind of V Woolf, don't you think - so for the moment I would only be seeing a prosthetic nose).
I heard voices - there were more people around in my dream as this new body image morph tool got big in discussion circles, as it would. 
Then a voice said, "but you know, if you move on from the area you've been altering, the step back button (undo) doesn't work."
so maybe Nicole Kidman could end up with a big nose!  And, I thought in my dream, maybe there's a heap of people walking around with blemish-free but with strange skin & brush-stroked blurred expressions on their faces... 

or worse:

(image I've doctored is part of Ivan Albright's painting commissioned for the 1945 movie, The Picture of Dorian Gray starring Hurt Hatfield, Angela Lansbury and George Sanders - the later, GS, I thought spoilt the film by over-acting & speaking his lines way to fast and messing up all that lovely banter Oscar Willde wrote so well).

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