Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I really thought it was Monday

that's what long weekends and going to the cinema on Monday afternoon will do to a person's head. 
I thought I might try a different lotto ticket, one that is drawn on Tuesdays.  "Oh," I thought today as I walked up the main road, "I can get that tomorrow"
no you can't. tomorrow is Wednesday.
I was going to write and post a long blog about how we are attending the German Film Festival (hence the going to the cinema in the daytime) but I visited a good friend for a cuppa & it went into cup 3, as it would when the conversation is so interesting - good thing I remembered it was Tuesday and looked in my diary.
So, instead of images, links and a youtube clip, here's another Still Life at Midnight shot from a little series I'm doing:

la la ladels at midnight

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sunday walk

Autumn is a good time to take a walk down the road a bit to Black Wattle Bay.  I like a working harbour rather than a plastic marina for expensive floaties (those flash yachts were there, just to the right of this photo but there's no need to spoil the view)

© 2010 Anne Bentley

Monday, 12 April 2010

the new plastic surgery

I had a dream last night that you could change your appearence by using the clone tool in Photoshop - or any other computer program that does the same thing.
In my dream I had images of a profile & drew in a big nose - like Nicole Kidman's over-done prosthetic nose playing Virginia Woolf in The Hours (I am yet to get the nerve to watch this film due to all the carryon about her being 'brave' & a 'fabulous actor' to take on a role that made her 'look plain' - kind of detracts from the exceptional mind of V Woolf, don't you think - so for the moment I would only be seeing a prosthetic nose).
I heard voices - there were more people around in my dream as this new body image morph tool got big in discussion circles, as it would. 
Then a voice said, "but you know, if you move on from the area you've been altering, the step back button (undo) doesn't work."
so maybe Nicole Kidman could end up with a big nose!  And, I thought in my dream, maybe there's a heap of people walking around with blemish-free but with strange skin & brush-stroked blurred expressions on their faces... 

or worse:

(image I've doctored is part of Ivan Albright's painting commissioned for the 1945 movie, The Picture of Dorian Gray starring Hurt Hatfield, Angela Lansbury and George Sanders - the later, GS, I thought spoilt the film by over-acting & speaking his lines way to fast and messing up all that lovely banter Oscar Willde wrote so well).

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Get out of the house... get out

I'm saying it aloud this last hour in a poor impersonation of the voice from The Amityville Horror (the original film that is, I just noticed there's a 2005 remake - think my brain was elsewhere that year) but I still seem to be stuck in this chair...

Above: OUT - Leichhardt (Sydney) March 2010 © Anne Bentley

I'd been looking at this sign for years telling myself I really should grab a shot of it before they clean it or its illumination goes and I finally remembered to a couple of weeks ago.

If you look at it long enough, the writing appears to be back to front - except it's not

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Long Weekend in your headspace

couch on an awning above a shop, King Street, Newtown

AH & I haven't been total couch potatoes this weekend... We are yet to view the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday that I hired for Thursday night (someone who worked hard all week fell asleep with 15 minutes to go & it wasn't me - I fall into night owl mode often - I stayed up after 2am last night watching an only OK film because it had Isabella Rosselini in it...)
It's been weekend of local arts - AH & I have checked out both visual art group shows for Sheilafest - the first we saw was in Newtown - a mixed lot with a really cool video work by Hanna Buck
Yesterday we met* (*AH needs to ride her bicycle or she goes feral - I meandered over on foot) at Kudos gallery for Women In Piracy photography by the Kingpins, Penelope Benton and Tina Fiveash - all excellent & we really enjoyed the short films by Vicki Papageorgopoulos & Elizabeth Reidy and the doco/performance of Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris is very funny indeed. 
It's running until 10th April so drop by: Kudos Gallery 6 Napier St. Paddington 11am – 6pm Wed to Fri,  11am – 4pm Sat.
And, while in Paddington, it was a short walk to the Australian Centre for Photography to take in the excellent Amy Stein's latest works and the added surprise in the back gallery was Zed Nelson's Love Me - "a collection of images documenting how far people will go for the quest for physical perfection. Negotiating the boundaries of art and documentary photography, this series reflects a world we have created where enormous social, psychological and economic rewards and penalties are attached to the way we look..."  Everything from a jar of the results of liposuction to a beauty contest amongst inmates at a Brazilian women's prison - along with some carefully chosen quotes, presents a careful and provocative show.
Sadly, we ran out of time (and the sky fell in) to get to Blender Gallery.

Then it was art for dinner - fresh asparagus cooked in olive oil with fresh chilli, garlic, zucchini & rocket over organic wholemeal pasta with grana padano - yumarama

Today a photo collective show down the road and tomorrow we will be taking in the MCA's latest - I'm looking forward to The Gift of Ann Lewis

Between all this, I am slowly working on 2 new collage images: A Spanish Interior & The Scottsmen - tells you nothing I know but I am enjoying seeing the images in my head, which will probably look nothing like the finished picture - stay tuned.
Oh, and I have also just updated my 2 other blogs (links just to the right of this page)