Sunday, 23 December 2007

Still lazy on Sunday - think I've melded in the chair

Oh lazy Sunday - I did manage to empty the cat litter tray - haven't brought it back in though - cat is behind me getting comfy on the coffee table (of course!)
the resident currawongs have bred - baby's been hanging around our place - cute for a scary beak bird and it squeaks like a youngster while it tries to figure out what sort of creatures we are. Here it is:

Last night the evening sky was gorgeous - it had rained on and off, as it has been for weeks but for a sky like this - wow:

Lazy Sunday

We are now officially and ridiculously distracted with webcams and Skype. I'm really not getting far here either because of all the silly but good fun messages that keep arriving - including AH in the next room! Got good deals with webcams & we set friends up with their own last night so today it's been a lot of silliness & laughter.
I noticed we can take a photo of whomever calls if they are on webcam but had it done back when i did a bum flash behind AH as she talked - hmmm, that'll be a nice pic! (mental note: mustn't flash other bits to friends with fast clicking power).

Had heaps of problems with Internet Explorer - keeps seizing up so I've gone to Safari - much more efficient but I still like the favourites folder set up explorer has.

How distracted are we? well, it's almost 4PM, we have guests coming tomorrow and the room they will stay in is nowhere near ready - needs a lot more than just changing the sheets.

Am a little seedy today and want to eat pizza...

had a whole lot of other things to write - had made mental notes to do so but my mental note drawer melted somewhere between feeling hungry and feeling really hungry!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Thinking Underwater - a sideline project

...then you were gone
I opened my eyes and looked around an empty room
and realized I'd been thinking underwater

What do you do when most of your waking day and probably a lot of your sleep gets hijacked by fantasy and wishful thinking? Well I figured instead of becomming a Psycho weirdo stalker in looney land, I should channel 'it' - my id into a project.
When is it fiction to suit the art and when is it personnal?
That I'm not telling. Here's the first drafts & images:

Thinking Underwater

I thought of you in your sleep
We were underwater
You lay sleeping on your back
My hands slid easily under you, the tips of my fingers feel skin warm and dry I merge into your spine
Lifting you (across the length of my arm) we float submerged, warm without waves

I reach over in the night and touch lips
SHHH! I put my hand over her mouth - Shhh – (be quiet), don’t speak,
I need you to be her

Go to sleep and don’t let me in. close the channel. I need to be alone for awhile
your eyes open suddenly in my mind
you are beautiful and I can’t breath
go to sleep, don’t let me think of you
I need to be alone underwater

Friday, 7 December 2007

Newtown vs Berlin - Friday day off

Friday begins well - well a little seedy after the high of coming home from German class last night to AH & a bottle of red wine.
Thursday was an ok day at work - lots to do but it stayed coolish most of the day (the broken down bus and deluge of rain on the way in is another story). It got really hot and humid about 1/2 hour before I had to trek up Balmain Road to catch a city bus so I was nice and stinky and buggered for class - teacher looked fresh and lovely as usual. When she says the English word verbs, she pronounces it "werbs". However, mein Deutsch ist mangelhafte Aussprache (as is my sentence structure, no doubt) so I don't say anything but can't help but smile. It's a fun class and the ice has broken a little so we have a laugh - often my instigation as I get a bit hyper from the day.
Back to today -
I walk up to Newtown to meet up with friend, Poppy and we talk about lots. She tells me she's always wanted to go to Berlin suggests it's probably like Newtown. Hmm, this is a hard one - Newtown is, for me, such a fabulous place to live and Berlin is Berlin. Newtown is Newtown. Maybe she is thinking of the connections people can make in each place – with both places being sometimes edgy, often fun or interesting. There is, perhaps an openness in both places for ideas, fresh outlooks? Oh, I don't know. I'm no expert on either and it’s too long since I was there even though I try to keep read up.
I leave my glasses with Riyadh at the Optometrist for repair (yes, that's his name - means "beautiful garden" and he grew up in Lebanon, not Saudi Arabia) & do bank & post chores. When I get back, I mention the Berlin - Newtown comparison. We look at each other and immediately say how much we love Newtown.
Then the sky falls in! I mean it was bucketing down, the sky was dark only to be lit up by lightening and the thunder cracked directly above us. I had no choice but to sit it out with Riyadh and talk about how good Europe is with recycling, water and solar heat. With weather like that outside, discussing weather is unavoidable - he told me how he loved the rain when he was in Uni in Lebanon - he lived near the mountains and near the sea. He may love being in Newtown but I could see how much he loves his birth country. I was suitably charmed by this tall and quietly spoken man.
When people talk about a place they love, their eyes become beautiful.