Monday, 10 December 2007

Thinking Underwater - a sideline project

...then you were gone
I opened my eyes and looked around an empty room
and realized I'd been thinking underwater

What do you do when most of your waking day and probably a lot of your sleep gets hijacked by fantasy and wishful thinking? Well I figured instead of becomming a Psycho weirdo stalker in looney land, I should channel 'it' - my id into a project.
When is it fiction to suit the art and when is it personnal?
That I'm not telling. Here's the first drafts & images:

Thinking Underwater

I thought of you in your sleep
We were underwater
You lay sleeping on your back
My hands slid easily under you, the tips of my fingers feel skin warm and dry I merge into your spine
Lifting you (across the length of my arm) we float submerged, warm without waves

I reach over in the night and touch lips
SHHH! I put my hand over her mouth - Shhh – (be quiet), don’t speak,
I need you to be her

Go to sleep and don’t let me in. close the channel. I need to be alone for awhile
your eyes open suddenly in my mind
you are beautiful and I can’t breath
go to sleep, don’t let me think of you
I need to be alone underwater

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