Sunday, 23 December 2007

Lazy Sunday

We are now officially and ridiculously distracted with webcams and Skype. I'm really not getting far here either because of all the silly but good fun messages that keep arriving - including AH in the next room! Got good deals with webcams & we set friends up with their own last night so today it's been a lot of silliness & laughter.
I noticed we can take a photo of whomever calls if they are on webcam but had it done back when i did a bum flash behind AH as she talked - hmmm, that'll be a nice pic! (mental note: mustn't flash other bits to friends with fast clicking power).

Had heaps of problems with Internet Explorer - keeps seizing up so I've gone to Safari - much more efficient but I still like the favourites folder set up explorer has.

How distracted are we? well, it's almost 4PM, we have guests coming tomorrow and the room they will stay in is nowhere near ready - needs a lot more than just changing the sheets.

Am a little seedy today and want to eat pizza...

had a whole lot of other things to write - had made mental notes to do so but my mental note drawer melted somewhere between feeling hungry and feeling really hungry!

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