Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Anne Lynam - traditional photography with a surrealist eye

Every weekend from 11 am to 5 pm, until 15 April, Sydney dwellers & visitors can see an exhibition covering 10 years of Anne Lynam's  photography at Point Light Gallery.
Anne's work shows a unique urban eye with touches of surrealism & art deco photography from early last century.  I first saw her work at Point Light 10 years ago and grab any chance to see her work on exhibition.
She works with black and white film, hand processes film and prints with meticulous perfection.  Her photographs were shot in many cities including Paris, New York and Sydney (proper street art!!).

Images are copyright Anne Lynam - top: Double Agent, above: (the award winning) Venetian Glass

She has created a Blurb publication "Enigma" (signed copies available at the gallery), which shows a lot of the work on display but not the beauty of actually seeing her silver gelatin prints for yourself - don't miss discovering Anne Lynam.

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