Wednesday, 27 January 2010

shells of their former selves

They all once housed living creatures... (Sunday walk 24 Jan 2010 Camperdown Cicada shell & Sydney University Darlington Campus)

It doesn't matter how long you've lived with someone, if it's working there is always something new to find out about 'the other'.  I showed AH the cicada shell photos who replied with an eeuww & when I asked, don't you like cicadas? she replied that she doesn't particularly like them!
Gosh, said I. Really?
ah huh.
But they are so ancient and gentle and have little sticky legs that tickle & hook onto your finger... (- her face told me that I'm not winning the cicada cause)
It does explain why I'm the one who has to rescue them out of the house.
She admitted they are "quite fascinating"

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