Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just now

on a short round trip walk to pick up the mail & some bananas (along with a loaf of that scrumptious apricot bread for toast)
as follows:

1. Waiting to cross at the traffic lights

2. Texting in front of The Hub (out of shot is 1/2 doz youngers with their clipboards taking a break from hassling people for charity & over a bit further out of shot some folks that looked as though they were waiting for their AA or NA meeting at the Newtown Community Centre)

3. Home again - looking out the side door to see if the stray who came to stay is here yet - snuck this shot through the grotty mesh of the door  - the bright bit is part of the little verandah - it's very sunny out there
He's called Boyfriend because he loved our now deceased elderly cat & would call to her through the window.  Being wild, he learnt to eat what he could when he can but now he has a yard to live in and daily food he still continues to do so around the neighbourhood & is a right fatty and a very nice natured animal.

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