Monday, 1 February 2010

Fleeting moments - painted walls 10 years ago (Postcards of my photos)

From 10 years ago (gosh time goes by and all that):

Wilson Lane (near Redfern) 1999

This laneway runs between Abercrombie Street (sometimes called Applecrumble Street coined in the late 1980s-early 1990s because of all the earthy lesbians renting cheaply there, just around the corner from "the block" Redfern) & Wilson Street.  This piece of communal work (meaning someone painting over someone's tag over someone's comments...) was like this for less than a month so I am glad I had a camera in my pocket that day. 
I had Wilson Lane 1999 made into a postcard in 2008 along with:

"Doorbell"  Australia Street Newtown

I took this at the end of 2000, to finish off a roll of film a week after arriving back from Ireland & Germany and the day before I broke my ankle.  "Doorbell" is of course gone - the house sold long ago.  A band lived here when this was taken - they would often spray paint their next gig a little further up on the white wall.  This is an image I really like - it is a good statement about living in Newtown 10 years ago.  Makes a good postcard too.

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