Monday, 22 February 2010

Victory Geese

Victory Geese - Centennial Park, Sydney (image about 2002-03)

why geese? - just because and I like this shot - they could be a V for Victory or Peace.
I took this at a time in the morning I probably haven't seen since then - out with a friend near dawn.  We had our manual cameras, tripods & lots of black and white film but after a bleary-eyed session drinking all the thermos tea, we mostly hovered near the kiosk until it opened for coffee and toast.   Ended up with some very nice shots though.
And I'm also doing my best to procrastinate, as I do.  It's stinking hot today, someone is using a drop saw outside (honestly, it feels like I'm living in the middle of a factory estate for the last year+) oh, and here comes my period (no horse riding for me today!).  and the lovely chap who will be showing my next exhibition has asked for 'some words' - so of course I'm going through my archive that bears no relation to the show...

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