Friday, 26 September 2008

Day trip to Manly

Last Sunday was AH's birthday and we spent the day hours on a little visit to Manly - ferry from Sydney Harbour & then a walk over to Shelly Beach, up the hill, through an hole in a old sandstone wall & we were in our own piece of national park for the day. there were more flowering plants than any other time we visited and when we ate our lunch, a family of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos gave us a swoop and flying display - not bad!
I took my pocket point and shoot so the bird shots are crap but the images are in my head. camera behaved for an OK record of some wildflowers - Flannel Flowers, Heath Banksia, Bush Pea, Pimeleas, Spiny-headed Matt-rush, heaps of Grevilleas to name about a fifth of what we walked past. I could look up all the Latin names and be a smarty pants but I can't be bothered - it's too nice to stay inside being pedantic... Anyway, common names are fine an suit point and shoot.
We finished the day back in Newtown for champagne & Thai food.

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