Sunday, 16 November 2008

Exhibition Announcement

I'm jumping in the deep end with the setting up of my 4th solo show:
5 years as a rock moll.
It's a documentary of the gigs I go to in the inner west of Sydney - mostly Scooter gigs - here's their blurb:

Scooter is a non-profit venture set up by a bunch of queer Anarcho punk girls in Sydney to provide space playing instruments and forming bands. It also involves a network of girl zine producers, artists and contacts with overseas / interstate girl bands with similar focus. Live bands perform at every gig along with djs.

I went along to a Scooter gig about 6 or 7 years ago (a late comer) and have made fabulous friends, heard some excellent and not so excellent music drank copious amounts of beer and, along the way, have documented some of the gigs as a project using 3200 speed black and white film that I hand process in the bathroom & then scan into a computer in the corner of the lounge room. All the images for this exhibition will be printed on a professional Lambda printer at Pixel Perfect in Chippendale.

I've put together the first of my promotion below (I hope the first prototype I put into cyber land isn't accessible... it was late and my spelling sucks). I'll be taking this one off to OfficeWorks to play with their Xerox machine and make a few A3posters - That's Kristy Machine in an audience moment - obviously a really cool band was playing that day.


Kristy said...

i think it was BugGirl!!

x K

Anne Bentley said...

likely was too! A xo

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