Saturday, 22 November 2008

Happy birthday little cat

This is Compostt (she will be one day...) and it's her birthday this week - on the cusp of Scorpio & Sagittarius November 1989. Makes her 19 (92 in human equivalent according to a vet chart I have). That's a long time to be co-habiting with another living creature - longer than with my parents (about 17, I think..) or my partner (15 years).
Her kitten sister (same litter & looked like the same father), La Cretia de Borges sadly died earlier this year but Compostti just seems to keep going even though she weights just 2KG (that's all fur you see)and has not good digestion, ingrowing / over-growing claws, furballs that are hard to remove (she gets a little cross).
I think her longevity is due to a quiet & secure life.
She's also a sweet natured animal - as a good friend says when he visits, "Quick, call the cute police!"
Some days she is so odd and cute, one has to resist squishing her till she squeaks.

She often finds interesting places to sleep and can make a brick look heavenly comfortable.
The telephone table is a favourite and even the shrill bell of our original GDR telephone (complete with numbers to call including the Volkspolizei - People's Police) doesn't put her off. I'm sure she does that cartoon cat in the air when it does ring.
So, anyway, happy birthday little cat.

Below: here she is about 10 years ago when we lived for a year in Abercrombie St, opposite the Darlington primary school. I would secretly watch her at the front gate waiting to receive pats from the children. when a child or adult walked past, she look hopeful but if they didn't stop her shoulders would drop... where are those cute police!

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