Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday out - Cinema for breakfast & walk via Redfern

If anyone has any inclination to go to the cinema then go and see Towelhead - an exceptionally moving, funny, provocative and truely excellent film. One thing that really stood out for me was the perfect timing of each entrance of each character and a interesting redemption of a couple of men - I'm not into spoilers and am glad I didn't read up too much on this film. Scored a free preview that meant we had to get over to Paddington at 10.30 AM on a Sunday morning - on our Daylight Saving October day. One less hour sleep, drizzle & humidity but we made it and it was very worth it.
An extra privilege was having some coffee and lunch with filmmakers & artists (to name just 2 talents of these people) Lucinda Clutterbuck & Ray Argall - just lovely.
by mid-afternoon, AH & I were in Paddington but the Australian Centre of Photography was shut for a renovation! rats!
Next stop one of those back streets Paddington pubs for a toilet and beer stop - very expensive way to have schooner of light beer!
we'd already decided to walk home & cut through Surry Hills, which was displaying some of our best Goths, left over from the Blue Moon festival weekend - our local Enmore Road in Newtown was the main host the night before - goths, goth art and a general fun feeling.
On our way through Redfern, just off Cleveland Street, AH looked down an alley and exclaimed, "that is so Berlin!"
so here is a feeling of that lovely urban city about 16 thousand kilometres from Sydney but the resulting images from the point-and-shoot are now too bright for her and look too Redfern instead of Berlin. Seeing as it is Redfern, we thought that is not too much a problem - it's all to do with the light, humidity and us wearing sunglasses with the later being the most deceptive when creating a mood.
but, just the same here a pic from our walk home:

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