Saturday, 19 July 2008

No To Pope - a gathering of Pope Go Homo chantings

Vanessa Wagner & Pope Alice came down from above (well, northern NSW & QLD) to host the protest.

Our taxes paid for thousands of catholics to take over Sydney.
Not everyone agrees.
we helped with handing out some of the 6000 condoms donated by Glyde. AH handed to a young catholic girl at Central Station who replied, "No, thank you, I'm a catholic."
AH said, "but what about your boyfriend?"
to that, the young woman said, "oh, thank you." and took 2!!

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The Technology Muse said...

At least someone is speaking out!

I thought the "Youth Day" here in Toronto was a complete waste of money!

It was amazing how many catholics came out of the woodwork! But, I think that it was just the "event" that drew them in!