Thursday, 8 November 2007

A damn good weekend with Rosemary's Baby as a finale

A damn good weekend - this one just gone that included Rosemary's Baby as its finale.
Following a week off from the day job, it was a weekend well spent - no usual stress or depression about the looming Monday. Even better, despite utterly crap weather, was Bracode playing the Sando up the road. We began by dining at Buzz Bar nearby with a bottle of red wine with dinner. At the Sando AH & I hit the beers - the light beer available there is horrid so I opted for Old ( a sweetie version of stout) & AH had Melbourne Bitter ( yukko, I reckon if you've ever had the best bitter beer in the world - Schuldheisz, MB is not nice).
Missed the first band but enjoyed Richie and the Creeps all over again - good grunt folks!
I offered to sit the merch desk till the creeps came along so Bracode could get going - oh der - stoopid me ended up on the desk for all of Bracode's set but I could hear and see just fine and, damn, that was a good gig! I even managed to charm and enjoy the company of the bouncer who stopped the gels doing joints - fair enough, it's too small a space and I so don't want to passive smoke it any more. Bouncer was truly lovely, I thought he was about to hug me - his warm hand on my waist I felt, with reassuring pleasure, lasted for some time.
Then, back to all those lovely gels! We took off home for the rest of the night :-)

Sunday to Petersham for the Cruelty Free Fair at the Town Hall. As I waited for AH (who cycled over) there were some dedicated vegans getting their photos taken. When one person said, "say cheese" the handsome, healthy grey haired man said, "Soy cheese!"
I'm not kidding - it's like such a religion with people and they get really precious - to a point where it seems to be some sort of purist hetero clan and all others are, well, tolerated but subtly excluded.
It was fun to watch - better than TV, I reckon.
We feasted there on Green Gourmet lunch & soy pattie burgers and got some treats (AH fed her shoe addiction with oh so wonderful union non-sweat labour purchases). Heaps of petitions being asked to sign and no politicians to be seen.
My walk home began my sampling of project 2: (My) Parramatta Road Project – a few photos despite the lens flair due to a very bright 2PM Sydney sun.
Dinner was a sometimes Sunday favourite, Nachos with fresh green beans, celery and lashings of avocado mixed with yoghurt. I didn’t forget very tasty cheese and lots of jalapeƱo peppers.
On with the idiot box but this time we ignored station programming and watched one of my recent collection purchases – Roman Polanski’s, Rosemary’s Baby. Forty years ago it was being filmed – its release date 40th anniversary is 2008 – next year. It is such an excellent film and held our attention for its whole length. The casting or Ruth Gordon as the seemingly eccentric (rather than what her character is: truly mad) neighbour is inspired! Not for one moment does this film fall – it is as fresh and brilliantly constructed as it was 40 years ago. A true classic. Watch it if you get the chance.

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