Sunday, 25 November 2007

Evil Gnome Be Gone!

I almost can’t believe it – after 11 years, he is gone! The whole nasty collection of “straighteners and punishers" are done!
The senate is a problem but Howard is gone –even better, looks like he ignored what was going on in his own seat! Maxine for Prime Minister!
Pinch me! Still can’t believe he has gone. Evil gnome, be gone!
After ringing friends & family (both AH & my Mother felt woozy on election morning like before an exam - sweeties!)
We walked up to Newtown square where near 100 people had been watching the tally on a big screen - elation & weirdness. Yes, we still need to be vigilant... No more Howard!!!!!!!!!!! wow. We were about to immigrate - I don't know what I would have done if he'd got back in - I do love it, where I live.
No more Police state? I hope so. A bit of respect back to the people, I hope so.
Oh annnnnnnndddd - Evil Gnome IS GONE!!

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