Friday, 26 October 2007

Just enough melodrama (the art of listening to David Bowie)

If you had no choice but to choose one David Bowie album to ever hear again, what would it be?
Today, for me, it’s Diamond Dogs. I think if I really had to choose, it would remain Diamond Dogs – it has exactly the right amount of sex and melodrama for me. Story telling at its best.
Today I put it on, skip the first 2 tracks and head straight into Sweet Thing. Sweet Thing, with the volume up high, very high (micro systems be gone – give me speakers as tall as me every time!) and let it surround you, wash over you – his vocal range is crisp, clear and sexy. It invites me in, it has captured me and I fall in willingly.
It is the perfect amount of melodrama.
Volume down a bit for Rebel Rebel – top up the coffee.
Then, fall in love again with Rock’N’Roll With Me (is that chocolate in my mouth?). Medium volume – enough for consumption.
We Are The Dead – fabulous language.
Then, onto 1984 – ahead of his time (just as Orwell was), funky and straight out of a movie made sometime in the future.
Ending up with Big Brother & Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family that pushes me away leaves me somewhere else, nowhere.
So, time for lunch and the next CD begins – Strange Angels by Laurie Anderson. Sigh, think I’ll keep that to myself for a while.

Ich verstehe nur Banhnhof

that's all i have to say about the first night of German class.
it's really difficult.
Ja, ja, I am sure all will be ok.
time to sleep on it.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Missing Nick Cave when he's playing up the road? - time to flagellate

AND!!! how on earth did I miss out that Nick Cave is playing within walking distance of home this weekend?!!! Think that’s something to do with the very silly amount of day-job work I’ve had – I haven’t even been to Newtown for 3 weeks except last Sunday for late lunch where I was so wired from such a fullon week at work last week (with 22 hours overtime included) that I kept my sunglasses on the whole time in the cafe, lest anyone see my crazy eyes.
At least AH and I will not miss Laurie Anderson's new show, Homeland. Phew.
But Nick Cave... I hear the only tickets available are for Monday night... when we’ll be down at the Opera House getting the LA hit.
That’s another internet hiccup – I saw his face on the webpage of the SMH, I think, maybe MSN after checking my hotmail ac, with a title that said something like: from heroin to hero. I thought, oh yeah, some righteous shit or one of those 'filler' articles but it was probably about his tour. Damn. Rats and Drats.
There is only one thing I can think of to make me better about it. I am telling myself, “at least you didn’t miss out on Patti Smith!”
Best I zip over to her page to see what her tour plans are...