Saturday, 20 October 2007

Missing Nick Cave when he's playing up the road? - time to flagellate

AND!!! how on earth did I miss out that Nick Cave is playing within walking distance of home this weekend?!!! Think that’s something to do with the very silly amount of day-job work I’ve had – I haven’t even been to Newtown for 3 weeks except last Sunday for late lunch where I was so wired from such a fullon week at work last week (with 22 hours overtime included) that I kept my sunglasses on the whole time in the cafe, lest anyone see my crazy eyes.
At least AH and I will not miss Laurie Anderson's new show, Homeland. Phew.
But Nick Cave... I hear the only tickets available are for Monday night... when we’ll be down at the Opera House getting the LA hit.
That’s another internet hiccup – I saw his face on the webpage of the SMH, I think, maybe MSN after checking my hotmail ac, with a title that said something like: from heroin to hero. I thought, oh yeah, some righteous shit or one of those 'filler' articles but it was probably about his tour. Damn. Rats and Drats.
There is only one thing I can think of to make me better about it. I am telling myself, “at least you didn’t miss out on Patti Smith!”
Best I zip over to her page to see what her tour plans are...

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