Saturday, 27 December 2008

Check you later, Eartha Kitt

Thursday, 25 December 2008

walking on 24 December

FREE TO A GOOD HOME or FREE TO SOME SUCKER TO BLOW THEIR ELECTRIC FUSE (back lane, Camperdown) - yes it really is a cassette player and TV / radio all in one

finally a day home. I picked up the last of my Lambda prints for the exhibition on Tuesday and yesterday headed out to pick up some mail, NOT go to the day job (fucking hooray) & get some rock moll posters up in a couple of local record stores etc.
I'm pretty tired and, although it's only 23 degrees, the humidity is a bit... there.
My final walk was to the Vintage record store on Parramatta road but it was shut. I satisfied getting sore feet on the way home by taking some photos with my bargain bin mobile phone.

Naughty graffiti artist - Camperdown Park

What you can (not) take into the park

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Saturday, 13 December 2008

in lust with Julie London (again)

this is why youtube is such a fabulous resource.
and I am such a sucker for a husky voice.
I'm working on images for my exhibition with 5 CDs in the player on random - good fun includes Deep Purple and Julie London - when "Come on-a my house" came on, one of my favourites, I wondered if any clever person had found some clips & there they are - Julie London performing in 1964 in Japan - not the song I wanted but fab just the same

how cool

hmmm, the microphone looks like an internal ultrasound thing (be pleased if you've never experienced one!)

now! on with those punk rock chix!

Friday, 12 December 2008


Walking to work in the drizzle this week & spotted a photo negative strip wet on the footpath - I walked a few more steps, turned & picked it up, complete with little wet worm attached (think it died from eating emulsion)

Picking up other peoples personal photos is always weird - creepy almost.
There's something eerie about images of strangers - are they dead? Is there no one left to keep the memento? Maybe they just don't give a shit.
I let the neg dry on my desk in the day & brought it home to scan - now I can call it art - found in Annandale Dec 2008.