Thursday, 25 December 2008

walking on 24 December

FREE TO A GOOD HOME or FREE TO SOME SUCKER TO BLOW THEIR ELECTRIC FUSE (back lane, Camperdown) - yes it really is a cassette player and TV / radio all in one

finally a day home. I picked up the last of my Lambda prints for the exhibition on Tuesday and yesterday headed out to pick up some mail, NOT go to the day job (fucking hooray) & get some rock moll posters up in a couple of local record stores etc.
I'm pretty tired and, although it's only 23 degrees, the humidity is a bit... there.
My final walk was to the Vintage record store on Parramatta road but it was shut. I satisfied getting sore feet on the way home by taking some photos with my bargain bin mobile phone.

Naughty graffiti artist - Camperdown Park

What you can (not) take into the park

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