Tuesday, 27 January 2009


(above: a visit to Paddington, Sydney)

renovation madness
People who complain about live music and a handful of people chatting on a footpath after a gig in the inner west are usually the renovators from hell - like the guy 2 doors down who had his large tree removed on a Sunday morning... last Saturday morning, he had a bloody great cement truck that ran it's mixer for over an hour...
it's been almost a year in our street of non-stop renovations and building for 6 days a week - now and then, hey, while I'm complaining, Sundays also include using a bobcat, spray painting and some digging...
At the moment, yes, I know it's a weekday, some guy is banging a large crow bar into cement next door. i wonder if it's the same person who used a silly amount of water to hose out the rubbish bins earlier when it was raining...

(image copyright Anne Bentley)

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