Sunday, 22 November 2009

Read any good books lately?

Not today - the temperature is sitting somewhere around 41C (that's 106F) and in Sydney, that feels like oh, 45. We washed 3 loads of clothes, hung them out and brought them back in a few minutes later - well, that's and exaggeration but you may know what I mean.

So, relaxing and reading a book? I don't think so. Anyway I can't drip all over a book today because I'm currently (still) reading the Complete Stories of Flannery O'Connor and if I finish it too quickly, there won't be anymore and the writing is just too good not to savour.

Photograph: When they closed Rozelle Mental Hospital, 1000s of old medical books were taken away to be pulped. Lomo fisheye camera. April 2008

I opened one of those books  at random - here's the result (lovely!) oh and that date - it's 1905, not 2005!:

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