Friday, 27 November 2009

More from my eclectic collection - Lovely, lovely women

Another from my collection- a real 8x10 photo of Julie Christie Sept 1968 - photographer likely Ron Galella* / during the making of the film, In Search of Gregory  - 1969 (do you suppose that's a real cross-your-heart-bra?)

Lovely Julie Christie... Memorable films with Julie Christie playing excellent roles in that I will always watch again: Farenheit 451, Far from the Madding Crowd, The Go-Between & The Return of the Soldier.  I am not discounting other performances but these are the ones I will always see again.

And while I researched the origins of my real (phowr) photo, I was playing some of my small collection of Francoise Hardy 1960s picture cover EPs & 45s like this gem from the same year as the the JC film, 1969:

To my delight, she does a French version of Leonard Cohen's Suzanne on this record and this is what I'm listening to at the moment:
Comment Te Dire Adieu (love those 3 dancers at the end)

*yes it's that Ron Galella the pioneer of paparazzo, famous for losing his teeth to Marlon Brando's knuckles & having his car tyres slashed by Elvis Presley's bodyguards.  I did not know anything about the Julie Christie photo when I originally bought it - it had no information with it.   (I can only assume Galella was allowed on film sets at one time before he began following people (my pic is from 1968 & he bothered Brando in 1973)

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