Saturday, 6 March 2010

Why not drop by... for a bite

Location, location!
Erskineville - where anything can happen (image about 2004, negative scanned 2007)

Today has been a bit of a nothing day - we slept in longer than intended and then just did stuff.  I have a number of mediocre tasks on my plate of which I've done ziltch/nil/nothin'

Most of the day I've been resisting opening up Patti Smith's new book, Just Kids - I am up to page 27 and know that if I pick it up in the middle of the day, I will read it through in 1 or 2 sittings, it's SO good but it is one to spend time with this book think about an mull over.  She is such a good writer - a wonderful storyteller.
What I didn't expect to happen is the book provoking my own memories of wishes, anger & angst.

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