Friday, 4 March 2011

a good flick & give it the flick

AH bought her & I a treat the other week; a 5 ticket deal the The Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival - it was fun to sit down & choose our sessions from a big line up.  We chose only to go to films screening near home (there were a number of venues) and saw a couple of ok films - enjoyable enough to sit through & be in France & Spain for a while (Gigola & Eloise) , 2 of the worst films I think we may have ever seen (The Owls - dreadful & Room in Rome - dreadful - both were cringe worthy & it's hard to really say which film was the worst).
Film festivals are fun to attend - a bit of  a lucky dip - with the final film we chose being, Howl, we hit the jackpot - an excellent film.
How do you make a feature film out of a poem?
Choose Alan Ginsberg's Howl, cast James Franco & end it with the song Ginsberg wrote after the death of his Father:

I could chat futher about the film, the poem, death of the father, seeking passion, empty, unfullfilling jobs that sap one's creative fire but I'm going to sign off & listen to Ginsberg once more instead.

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