Friday, 27 April 2012

Megan Yeo - Artist in a Group Show

I met Megan about 12 years ago when I bought a painting that she had on show in a small cafe in Newtown (Sydney).  We discovered we are on the same family tree (from one of the Irish ancestors) and have be the best of friends since.
Megan had already studied art and been a part of Art Express when we met and decided to attend the college of arts (COFA) despite already having high school & TAFE art study experience.
COFA, I feel, gave her a freedom to concentrate solely on art and explore her ideas.
I am fortunate to have seen her work in many group show since and to have a couple of pieces of her work at home on permanent display for my own pleasure.
I was delighted when Megan said yes to taking part in the group show, Jehanne's Alchemists, which she used to explore a photography side of her art using instant, Polaroid photographs that she then enlarged into an edition of one only:
above: Dairy Queen by Megan Yeo 2012 (SOLD - edition 1/1 Lambda print 27x42cm from original Polaroid-type photograph)

Release the Ravens by Megan Yeo (from the exhibition she co-curated: "Queen & Country" Gaffa Gallery, Surry Hills Sydney 2nd - 14th July 09 - mixed media: cross stitch on printed embroidery fabric)

Megan in her studio March 2009 (photograph by Anne Bentley)

above: works on paper by Megan from the group show, Kiez: Homely/Unheimliche that showed in Sydney 2009 & Melbourne 2010

The Banality of Evil by Megan Yeo (a COFA award winner), made of many panels, she split it into individual pieces when the time was right a few years later:
(photography, cross stitch on embroidery fabric & watercolour wash)