Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Linda Brescia - Artist in a Group Show

 Linda Brescia's work features screened fabric model making; painting & photography.  She says she "got the art bug" about 12 years ago and has shown her work consistently since; including the Peter Fay curated Showdown in 2011 (she will also feature in his May 2012 group exhibition, Out of the Blue).  Currently, her work is a part of the Mini Print International prize at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne.   She is also a multiple prize winner along with being awarded a number of grants.
I am fortunate to have Linda agree to participate in my first curated group show.
I first discovered her at the same gallery I am now putting on Jehanne's Alchemists 
 which was a combination of screen print, sculpture models and photography.  There were a number of images that stayed in my mind for a week until I simply had to make contact and ask if I could lay-buy at least one:
I'd rather stick pins in my eyes (Viallat) - Linda Brescia (from Showdown at Sheffer Gallery 2011)

Linda is also interested in the lives of artists & relationships between artitsts:
The de Koonings - Linda Brescia  (from Loop installation at the Stein Gallery 2011)
Secondhand (Marlene Dumas) -  Linda Brescia

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