Monday, 9 December 2013

MAY 2014

It’s been a while between newsletters and the good news is I’m creating works for a new duo exhibition with Megan Yeo that will run from 7th to 17th May 2014:  Kitchen Sink andOther Domestic Disturbances...
and we are both having a lot of fun being disturbed artists!

Megan and I have been good friends for over 10 years.  We are also distant cousins – something we found out only after we met.  We met because I bought a painting of hers.  Megan works in various mediums: embroidery, photography, works on paper and painting.  And, although we recently participated in 2 group shows, we haven’t put on a show of just two of us and decided it was time we did.

I came up with the title for the show because I wanted a Sydney showing of 4 photographs I was shortlisted for in the Picture This 2010 Photo Prize & Exhibition - Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne with abstract photographs of water on a stainless steel kitchen sink called “Everything Looks Like Sex Today” (1,2,3 &4).

Megan is stitching her magic onto linen tea towels.  Her work begins with researching Australian female criminals: “Megan’s Top 10 Female Horrors”.  Her pieces will not be named on the linen and the imagery may only give clues as to these evil domestic horrors.

Lost and Found
I’ve just completed a fun piece called Lost and Found using a photograph I found in our front yard one day during winter this year.  
 I’ve also made a postcard of the Still Life in the Kitchen photograph so send me a reply email (below)  with your postal address and I’ll get one to you.

I will be putting my newsletters online on here and I’d love it if you would leave a comment – let me know what you think. 
You can also check out our progress on the new show by going here

Still Life in the Kitchen with Chilli
email for postcard: annebentley2003 at

Fluro in the Kitchen (40x50cm Lambda Print)

Yellow (this is not a vase) 40x50cm Lambda Print


Birthe Havmøller said...

Dear Anne,
Thanks for your newsletter and the best of luck with your new works. I hope that you'll send me a press release next spring.
When I read the title Kitchen Sink and Other Domestic Disturbances, I thought of other artists who have integrated sinks in their works and Barbara Hammer's experimental short film 'Maya Deren's Sink' was the first that came into my mind. There is an excerpt of the film at Barbara Hammer's videostream at Vimeo. Love, Birthe Havmoeller / Feminine Moments

Anne Bentley said...

Thank you Birthe - I will send you the release when written. You have now got me hooked on Maya Deren films!