Sunday, 15 June 2008

Day out in the rain & a frolic down the varicose vein of Sydney

We had some sort of day in mind today - a bit of a cold, windy day in Sydney with some drizzle & rain. Working, catching up on some learning homework... I did 1/2 German but that just means I am still at lesson 1 in my book. AH, complete with new dreads wanted to go out for lunch - take the hair out for a walk.
I was a bit reticent about her getting dreads again (she once had them past waist length) because when we watch a movie at home, she fiddles with them but her hair had grown past her collar (after sporting number 1 clipper for years) and she was looking a bit scary christian...

After yesterdays visit to the African hair salon, I now have the coolest girlfriend around.

Well, I've always had the coolest - some would saying delightfully eccentric - girlfriend for 15 years but now she's cool again. Oh blah blah. Anyway, she said she wanted to take me to lunch... it was just midday and I'd not long had some porridge for brunch... but I need some shoes to be resoled so asked if we could go down Parramatta Road (PR) so I could put my shoes in. Sunday in Sydney doesn't mean the shoe shop is shut but some of the cafes along PR would likely be but we took our chances.

So off we set, rugged and raincoats zipped and a promise to not turn on the TV tonight so I could get some work done... Ha! The girl at the shoe shop was unfamiliar and quoted a huge amount of money, "Sign here" for $122!! "But I've been coming here for 8 years, they have my template, I've never paid more than $100!" bugger! Next, find a cafe. no luck on PR round the corner, with trepidation to Norton Street Leichhardt Trepidation because a couple of months ago we spent a couple of weekends going to the German Film Festival there and found all the restaurants pricey, too meaty and bland... so we go to the Italian Forum, find a nice enough looking place, there are more than 6 places to choose from - pasta with tomato sauce, a pinch of garlic and maybe a sprig of parsley... nice glass of wine but the coffee was dreadful. How can you go to "the Italian quarter" of Sydney and get crap coffee? Damn We wouldve walked the short walk to Newtown & been spoilt for choice but I needed my hooves shod... It rained on & off while we shoveled fettucini & the walk home was fun. A bit of window shopping:

The old hardware shop looks like someone did a midnight run... One of the traumas of having a little digital camera is accidentally losing an image.

The keys cut globe photo is a crop looking in the abandoned hardware shop window but I accidently lost the original... wouldn't happen with film! But then, I'd have to finish the film and get the film developed, then scan the film, then upload... And I would but probably not for months.

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