Sunday, 22 March 2009

Slide show promotion - Anne goes international

that's my scribble on the flyer - wot a dork! (if you click on the picture, it will come up bigger & readable)

Siouxzi Mernagh has just finished her fellowship with Berlin ici (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) - an institution that organizes fellowships for people to work on projects that require lots of brains. Stuff like: Death Drive, Repetition Automatism and Seriality in the Intersections between Psychoanalysis, Cybernetics and Popular Culture
With thanks to Siouxzi up to 20 of my images (from the series I have posted online on my website (some other shots SM chose from here)will be shown as 3x4 metre slides during the course of a "Sydney" evening in Berlin she is putting on to celebrate the completion of her fellowship film. She wanted to show Sydney different to the usual Opera House & kangaroo look by presenting a quirky, inner west view - more like the Sydney she knows.
I share the Unseen Sydney part of the show with Megan Yeo - we are both rapt.
Lucky Megan leaves for Europe on Monday, just in time to catch the show - I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.


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