Friday, 27 March 2009

Another 45 comes home with me

I had to get my glasses adjusted at the optometrist, which happens to be next door to Baz at Egg Records. Cleverly, he had a box of singles & EPs on his counter. I said, Hi and what in here. I found an EP from 1993 from the Frumpies: "Babies and Bunnies" - lots of fun and thanks to the always entertaining Youtube, there's even some clips of the songs from this EP.

An extra on this vinyl is around the inner part where there's usually a serial number etched in - something a person doesn't often look at. There was no date on the record itself so i held it to the light to see if it was etched in. It wasn't but "SKANK AND CHILL" is beautifully engraved there. On the b-side is engraved: "UNFOCUSED HATRED SEEKS A VICTIM"

what a treat.

Killrockstars site

now I'm off to meet my good friend, Sylvia for a beer and no doubt a chat about her lovely fella & my fabulous gel... as well as, you know, stuff including this little treat of a record

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