Sunday, 22 March 2009

Was it murder or was it suicide?

Or maybe just an accident...

A glaringly sunny morning and there's dozen policemen & big vans in our street before nine on Sunday.

Our house was door-knocked - I was lying in bed vaguely waking up listening to the news on Radio National.

Two pleasant policemen waited at the door while I got decent - ish.
The main fellow asking questions was very interested in those annoying noises I heard sometime between 5 and 6 AM.. I think that was the time.
"Are you sure it was two male voices"
"Could you hear what they were saying"
"No but I tried to listen to what they were saying - I thought it would be better than telly but I couldn't hear anything"

In the early hours of the morning I was annoyed by the noises & talking but just as I thought I would do some, "bloody stop it with the cars doors will you!" yelling out the window but suddenly they either stopped or I went back to catatonic land.
The other thing is it may have been the media opening and closing car doors a dozen times & trying to talk quietly in our little street with all those trees and warehouses now made into apartments - sounds bounce all over the place.

Later, resisting the urge to gawk (a fine art in need of practice), AH went for a little walk & met other neighbours also not gawking. from what they heard from someone who heard - who probably heard something, it was a balcony fall... jumped or maybe he/she was pushed...

In-house events or "serious incidents" (as the nice policeman called it) are less frightening than say, the robbery outside our front gate or the aggravated rape just up the road in the park at 9PM one night...

One thing I do know - I'll be gawking at the news tonight.

That's just being honest.


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